Dutch Touch Pool Service in Encinitas CA 92024

Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services Encinitas CA 92024 Dutch TouchWe refer owner-operated, licensed and insured independent contractors who take pride in their work and are dedicated to superior workmanship. We perform the following in Encinitas CA 92024 on a weekly basis:

1. Test PH and Chlorine levels – adjust as needed.

2. Skim debris off the surface.

3. Vacuum bottom of pool, side and steps.

4. Brush sides of pool.

5. Clean tiles at the rim of pool.

6. Empty skimmer basket and filter basket.

7. Make adjustments to vacuum as needed.

8. Monitor filter pressure and backwash.

9. Monitor water level.

10. Monitor circulation and all pool equipment.

WE make your pool sparkle!