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411 ON Pool Cleaning!!!

Cleaning Tip 1 – Get your Scrub ON: Scrub your pool tile and walls

Who likes to swim in a pool of dirty water and mucky mold. NOT ME!!!  So Tip #1: brush and start making your swimming pool walls sparkle again. Use a brush and remove algae and debris with a good, old fashion hard scrubbing.  The water might be cloudy, so go inside, take a nap and let it all settle to the bottom.

 Cleaning Tip 2 – Va….. va…. va…. vacuum! 

Don’t forget that small cylindrical workhorse making all that noise down the hill? Yes — that’s your pool’s pump. Always switch those main valves to waste and let it roll……. Your pools filter will be bypassed during this period, allowing debris and algae to spray out onto the ground. And it’s kinda important to keep a water hose in the pool. Keep water levels at recommended levels or ask Dutch Touch to guide you.

 Cleaning Tip 3 – Check Please. Keeping a eye on your chemical balance

It’s important that you know your chemicals in and around your pools. Get a accurate reading of your pool’s chemical balance from Dutch Touch Pool Services if you are unsure how to perform this on your own. This is important part of pool maintenance. Without a accurate reading of your pool’s chemical balance, you could end up using too much or too little chemical treatment to kill unwanted algae!!!!!! Can we say YUCK!!!

 Cleaning Tip 4 –  Add shock and algaecide

Get those guns out!!! It’s time to kill those nasty, slimy algae things… Sprinkle shock evenly across your pool base on the  from your chemical tests.   Using a respectable pool cleaning service professional is ALWAYS recommended. You don’t want to be attacked by ALL those pool chemicals which can be hazardous. Let the shock do it’s thing for about 24 hours, then come back with round two — algaecide.

Cleaning Tip 5 – Maintenance

Stop all the hard scrubbing, give the brush some down time and go get an automatic pool vacuum from your local swimming pool supply stores. You can run it while you swim, or even as you drink that cocktail on your float device. And of course you can always run it when you are not even in the pool. Using this little gadget, in conjunction with a weekly pool care routine and ideal chemical balance will keep your pool crystal clear year round. For more help please contact us at www.dutchtouchpoolservice.com